Whorelore season 2 episode 3
Evan Stone Evan Stone Syren Syren Evan Stone and Syren

Season 2 Episode 4:

On the other side of the world a slave is given a new hope. Women and foes from wide and far will fear the rage of Bonan!
Starring: Syren and Evan Stone


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Whorelore season 2 episode 3
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Season 2 Episode 3:

Our Demon Child has taken form in a stronger body and is making her way to her secret destination. Only a Holy Paladin who has been secretly watching her journey has the power to stop her. See which whore will be taken down and which whore is forced to go down.

Season 2 Episode 2 - the demon within

Season 2 Episode 2:

The entity is getting stronger and so is every one's sense of danger from it. Only time will tell what will reap from this sexual demons presence.
Starring: Winter Sky, Dakoda Brookes, and Ava Rose

Season 1 Episode 1
Dakoda Dakoda Dakoda Biannca Daggers Biannca Daggers

Season 2 Episode 1

Out of the darkness, light is born. The path is hallowed in the souls of others, and from within the despair emerges a menacing character capable of vanquishing those who strive for harmony.

Can this mysterious entity overthrow the powers of virtue, or will her sexual appetite get the best of her once and for all? It's anybody's game. There's no telling what'll happen when the storms collide when the flesh melts into one. Advance at your own risk, for no one knows what lies ahead in Season Two of Whorelore.
Starring: Dakoda Brookes, Biannca Dagger, Winter Sky, and Monica Mayhem

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Previous Episodes

Episode One:

Episode 1 Why? Cause naturally that's where they take it! After all, what you give, you will receive! Starring Monica Mayhem and Christian, this little feature pits the Rogue against the Warrior except he's in for a real shock!
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Episode Two:

Whorelore: Episode two Pirate BootyA quiet day of herb farming is cut short when a beautiful elven priestess witnesses a brutal attack on an unsuspecting warrior. She comes to his aid, but little does she know just how much it will cost her in the end. Starting: Mia Rose, Justin Syder and Fayner Almighty
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Episode three:

Episode Three: The AwakeningThe adventure continues with the elven priest Tiana and her half-sister, Remus. Remus is sent on a quest to awaken a demon of the night. She must gather a set of articles to complete the ritual. However, all is not as simple as Remus enlists the help of Tiana to obtain an item. Starting: Mia Rose, Ava Rose, Taylor Rain, Jessica Jaymes and Nick Manning
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Episode Four:

Episode four: The Man Hunt The guild master Titus is captured and tortured by an evil gang of thugs. Held in a heavily guarded woodland camp, our heros must save him before it is too late. Starting: Shyla Stylez, Mindy Lee & Tony T.
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Episode Five:

Episode Five: Calm Before the stormOur heros co-ordinate there battle plans in the safety of their homes. However, not all is as it seems as a visitor arrives at the gates. All is calm before the storm. Starting: Nadia Nyce, Mindy Lee, Phyllisha Anne, Lisa Marie & Cly Maxwell
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Episode Six:

Episode Six: ChangeThe battle draws to an end as our Whore Heros finally face the ultimate battle in Episode 6. Starring: August, Bianca Dagger, Brittney Skye, Lisa Marie, Monica Mayhem, Nic Manning, Swiss & Steve Saxe-Cobury Plus a random chinese farmer!
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