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Episode One

Whorelore - Season 2 Episode 1

Out of the darkness, light is born. The path is hallowed in the souls of others, and from within the despair emerges a menacing character capable of vanquishing those who thrive for harmony. Can this mysterious entity overthrow the powers of virtue, or will her sexual appetite get the best of her once and for all? It's anybody's game. There's no telling what'll happen when the storms collide, when the flesh melts in to one� Advance at your own risk, for no one knows what lies ahead in Season Two of Whorelore.
Starring:Dakoda Brookes, Biannca Dagger, Winter Sky, and Monica Mayhem Formats: .mov / .wmv / still images (.jpg)

Dakoda Dakoda DakodaDakodaBiannca DaggerBiannca DaggerBianna
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Episode Two

Season 2 Episode 2

The entity is getting stronger and so is every one's sense of danger from it. Only time will tell what will reap from this sexual demons presence.
Starring: Winter Sky, Dakoda Brookes, and Ava Rose Formats: .mov / .wmv / Still Photos (.jpg)

Winter SkyWinter SkyWinter SkyWinter SkyAva RoseAva RoseAva RoseAva Rose
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Episode Three

Season 2 Episode 3

Our Demon Child has taken form in a stronger body and is making her way to her secret destination. Only a Holy Paladin who ha been secretly watching her journey has the power to stop her. See which whore will be taken down and which whore is forced to go down.
Starring: Barrett Blade, Monica Mayhem, and Winter Sky

Formats: .mov / .wmv / Still Photos (.jpg)

Winter SkyWinter SkyWinter SkyMonica MayhemMonica MayhemMonica MayhemMonica Mayhem and Barrett BladeMonica Mayhem and Barrett Blade
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Episode Four

Season 2 Episode 4

On the other side of the world a slave is given a new hope. Women and foe from wide and far will fear the rage of Bonan!
Starring: Syren and Evan Stone


Formats: .mov / .wmv / Still Photos (.jpg)

Evan Stone Evan Stone Syren Syren Syren Evan Stone and Syren Evan Stone and Syren Evan Stone and Syren
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