The Lores continue...

Our journey begins with our heros banding together to fight a greater evil, although they do not know that destiny will bring them together, the Whores of the Lore will eventually destroy Torro. The evil baron whom controls the lands.

The journey starts as two friends test there skills on the battlefield but get distracted on other business, while the elven priest and her half sister make there way to the circle of summons to gain access to greater powers. Although they got more than what they bargined for as the keeper of the stones returns.

But in a distant land, the battle is being fought on 2 fronts as Titus, the leader of the Light is captured and held prisoner. Only Shyla, the hunter, can track him down. They eventually find him and rally the Whores to take on Torro before he is able to summon his troops to the field.

However, all is not what it seems as a spy has breached the lines and has stolen valuable information. The traitor returns to his master to report his findings and the final battle begins as the Whores face off with Torro in a last effort to save there land.

But it seems all is not well, a new evil is stirring in the East, the Blackend lands have awakened and with it, brings a new terror. As the ever darkness spills into the lands our heros face a new quest. One that involves the entire world.