Tianna - Priest of the Light

Part of the secret brotherhood, sworn to protect the Light, Tianna is young priest bound for a greater purpose unknown to her.

Remus - Night Priest

Half sister of Tianna, Remus does not share the same beliefs as her sister but remains neutral to the cause of the Light.

Lia-Mari - Council Member

Often seen as the newest council member, Lia-Mari is quite valuable to the cause as she herself knows many secrets to the lands and it's hidden treasures.

Keeper of the Stones

Half Dead, Half Living. This abomination is tasked to protect the Circle of Summons and is also known as the Keeper of Stones. What powers lie in the circle are unknown.

Lylith - Succubus

A demon from the underworld, spawned by Remus and under her control. She cares nothing for the world and the people that live on it. She cares only to feed.

Tay Tay - Troll of the Beach

On the misty shores is a troll, but not just any troll. This troll has the powers to bring demons into the world. If you know how.

Smitts - Pirate Tailor (Arrgh!)

A tailor now turned Pirate, Smitts spends most of his time in the Seas in search of great treasures. No one knowns when he'll return, if he ever will!

Scotty - Pirate (Aye!)

Pirate and first mate of the ship of Souls. Scotty is fine lad as the captain would put it and works hard in hopes that one day he will be the most feared pirate in all of Alklhas

Monica - Rogue

Little is known about Monica. She is solitude and seductive. She gets what she wants, when she wants, with or without your permission. Monica also has a twin sister!!!

Shyla - The Hunter

Probably the best hunter in all of Warivia! Her name is known as far as the Land of Magic right through to the icy plains of Nalgashu.

Titus - The leader of the light

Always hidden, never in sight, until his recent capture. Little if nothing is know except Titus is the leader of the Light.

Hairamus - Dwarven Slayer

From the mountain kingdoms a firey dwarf, bitter about the death of his kinsmen, seeks his revenge against Torro. But being a dwarf, he is often side stepped by his human counter parts.

Elis - Forest Elf

The eatern forest of Warivia is home to many woodland creatures and beings, including the ever watchful Forest elves sworn to protect the forest. Elis is a promising Druid who has shown interest and faith in the Light.

Bianca - Elven Warrior

One of many warriors to bear arms when the forrest calls, Bianca is one of the best when it comes to a fight. Raised in the eastern forest of Warivia she too is a believer in the Light

Nadia - The counter of heads (Read the description....)

A champion in the halls of Helios and well skilled in the art of swordsmanship, she has claimed many heads of the enemy in the countless battles that she has fought.

Phyllisha - Head of the Council Lore

The head of the council posted in Helios, Phyllisha is not just some simple council leader, her powers of mind control and the ability to affect the masses is truely staggering. Although she may be hiding more than what she is letting on.

Si - Young Warrior

The world is full of foolish warriors and glory seekers, none more so than this sprout from the Plains of Ruins. He left Eridann in search of fame and fortune but only finds misfortune and humiliation.

Eleron - Council Member

A young warrior whom has sworn to protect the light and its leader Titus, Eleron is half Mage and Fighter giving her a special edge when it comes to those sticky situations.

Torro - The Bull

The evil warlord from the Frozen wastelands in the north, hell bent on the destruction of the Eastern world. He has already destroyed the Mountain Kingdoms and left the dwarfs scattered throught out the lands. His fist is now turn on Warivia.